PIANOFORTE - Young artists at the piano at CAMP STYRIA 2021!

At Camp Styria you can dive live into the fabulous world of the great orchestra. We have chosen a fantastic program for you that will take us together through the great symphonic literature to narrative and pictorial music. The piano is not an orchestral instrument? Humbug! After all, the year is 2021, and the piano in the orchestra has been around for more than 100 years! From virtuoso solos to the tiniest splashes of tonal color: You couldn't imagine most modern orchestral pieces without piano or celesta.

In addition to the program for the grand finale matinée, you can work with us, that's Yuka and Hemma, on the solo pieces you are currently playing and perfect them together. If you like, you will also have the opportunity to present one or the other piece on stage - for example at the Camp Styria Piano Recital.

What you should already be able to do before Camp Styria:

- Play very easy pieces from sight.

- Intermediate pieces for piano like Mozart sonatas or the one or other Chopin waltz. Of course, there is no upper limit to the degree of difficulty.

- Speak either German, English, Italian, Japanese or Latin (-;

What you can learn at Camp Styria:

- How great an orchestra sounds, especially when you play in the front.

- How it feels to play together with about 80 musicians.

- What the conductor does and how a real orchestra rehearsal works.

- How the many other instruments sound.

- Lots of great new pieces.

- How to present your solo piece convincingly in front of an audience.

- Lots of people who share your enthusiasm for music.

     ... and much more ...