Camp Styria 2019

International ORCHESTRA CAMP for Young People!

CAMP STYRIA - a Summer camp where you play in a big ORCHESTRA with young people from all over the world AND together with professional musicians. CAMP STYRIA has even much more to offer:

The Camp Styria PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE supports percussionists to perfect their skills (e.g. in Drumset, Mullet, Drumline). Apart from the orchestra rehearsals the percussion crew prepares a great performance with rock & pop pieces and classic literature at the Klang Film Theater in Schladming.

PIANOFORTE - Pianists work on their solo pieces under the guidance of their teachers, parallel to the orchestra rehearsals for the grand final matinée. There are also opportunities to perform pieces at the CAMP STYRIA Piano Recital. 

MASTER CLASSES - You've reached an advanced level on your instrument or are studying at a music academy or university? A Camp Styria MASTER CLASS offers you the opportunity to perfect you skills!

SINGING/CHOIR - In these ten days we will move, dance, act, create and of course – sing!

Below you'll find the CAMP STYRIA course programme and soon details of the concerts planned during our music camp.


Camp Styria Concerts 2019

Das Konzertprogramm für das CampStyria 2019 wird in Kürze veröffentlicht.