Camp Styria 2016

No matter if it´s pop, jazz or classical music, there is one thing almost all concerts have in common: the people making music are on one side, and the ones listening to them on the other.

But at Camp Styria 2016, this will be different! Under the motto Surround Sound the audience will be sitting in the middle of the sound, all surrounded by music.

For the almost unearthly sounding „Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis“ by Ralph Vaughan Williams, the strings spread in the room as a string quartet, a small, and a big orchestra; in her „Concerto for Two Orchestras“ the russian-tartar composer Sofia Gubaidulina makes a symphony orchestra and a jazz band connect in a very funky 1970s way, Leonard Bernstein passes a musical comment on the presidental election, and finally fiery Latin American sounds, and a surprise from the world of film music complete this very special sound experience.